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Kansas City, MO singer-songwriter Bill Abernathy has released a string of successful singles and albums, starting with 2017’s Find A Way, featuring the #1 Roots Music Chart single, “Goodbye Will Never Come Again.” Bill continued his streak with another hit album, Crossing Willow Creek, which included the national radio hit “Cry Wolf,” as well as 3 other international hits. The title cut from his 2021 EP, "Who Are You, Who Am I," is a finalist for Song of the Year in the International Singer Songwriter Association Awards. Bill’s music has been streamed more than 2 million times globally, which is a testament to the connection that Bill has found with his fans. 

Bill returned from his successful early 2020 pre-Covid "Living the Dream" Southwestern US tour to the Covid quarantine. During those locked down months, Bill performed countless live-streaming concerts for audiences all over the world, using many to raise money to support local businesses that struggled during the lock down. “I am excited to get back out, meet our fans face to face, play some music, tell a few stories, and get things as back to normal as possible.”

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Who Are You, Who Am I? is brimming with poetry, humor, intelligence, and human experience listeners will not soon forget and Bill Abernathy’s musical gifts are a five-star vehicle for conveying its message.” - Chadwick Easton

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If you see this poster, I'm coming your way soon!

If you see this poster, I'm coming your way soon!